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You are in control, just press the button and book your stress management session with Diane our therapist who has personal experience of burnout and stress. We will achieve stress relief though massage, chat, meditation, stretching & mindfulness in a 1to1 session.
£35 1 hr

Indian head massage, is a massage of the head, neck,back,shoulders,face,arms,hands to relieve tension and stress from the muscles and tissues in these

Not as the name suggests, this massage includes the head, neck, face, ears, shoulders, upper back. This can be for a specific symptom or just for relaxation. Can be done fully clothed, just with light clothing on or with oil (with a wrap to protect your modesty) A very good stress reliever from the pressures of today!
Treatment Time:
£35 1hr
Recommended for those working at a desk.

Neck Back & Shoulder Massage, a thourgh massage of the neck, the back, the shoulders to relieve tension and stress from the muscles and tissues in the areas.


An all over massage of these areas or can be tailored to the specific areas causing you the most discomfort.
Treatment Time:
£35 1hr
Good for office & manual workers.

Reiki, a natural form of healing, hands on,floating or distance healing, using life force energy.


A Natural Energy Healing treatment, where positive energy  is channelled into the client from the therapists hands, replacing negative energy and so rebalancing the body. Reiki helps with most conditions including emotional & anxiety related conditions or can simply be a calming and relaxing time for oneself.
Treatment Time: 
£35 1hr

The chakras are balanced using a pendulum, the crown crakra, the third eye chakra, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the base of the skull chakra, the busy brain chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra, the root chakra , the knees, the feet.


 Your Chakras will be re-balanced and re-aligned with the aid of a pendulum and  be  more in sync with eachother. So making you feel more balanced.
Treatment Time:
£35 1hr
A, selection of crystals are used to balance the body, usually placed on the chakras, a persona; prescription will be made for you. 


Crystals will be used to heal your body, a personal prescription will be made for you for the treatment.
Treatment Time:
£35 1hr
In Refexology the feet are massaged using a variety of different tecniques, to relased any blockages within the reflex point as any blockage could contribute to an illness. Can also be performed on the hands.

A powerful treatment, benefiting the whole body but only being carried out on the hands or feet. The feet or hands are like a map of the body and have reflexes that correspond with all the major organs and glands, during the treatment any blockages are cleared with massage to allow the energy to flow freely again letting it work again in a more balanced way & also relaxing you at the same time, a good stress reliever & also good for the mind.
Treatment Time:
£35 1hr
A combination of 2 of the above treatments can often be very effective when working with complex or a long standing illness.
£40.00 1hr

We can take card payments

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